What to see before shortlisting job candidates

What to see before shortlisting job candidates

If you are running an agency that is helping companies in recruiting their staff then you have to hire good consultants in your agency as they will be very helpful for you. You have to hire the person according to the standards of international recruitment consultants as they will help you more than you ever expect from them as they are experts in their field. They may demand more salary than a normal consultant but they will provide better work than any other consultant and for that you can pay more to them. You can be among the best manpower supplies in UAE when you have better consultants in your agency and for that you have to see some characteristics in them before hiring so this below:

Questions: You need to understand that they should ask good questions from you while they are in the interview when you tell them to hire an accountant or a human resource manager. You need to analyze the questions they will be asking or writing on the paper because these will be the questions they will ask from the candidates and it will tell you about their ability to hire good and relevant people.

Counsel: You need to see that whether they are good in counselling the new candidates or not because sometimes people will try to go in to the field other than what they get knowledge about in the university so you have to ask about that. You need to understand their strategy for counselling the candidates and the company owners too so they both will get what they truly want and not just what they think they want. This counselling will help them in hiring the best according to need.

Attention: You have to make sure that the consultant you are hiring is good in the conduct and provide great attention to the details so that you can have the best kind of employees in your agency and then every company will try to hire you for the recruitment. If you spend a few more bucks on hiring the best consultants then you will be able to gain the attention of more companies towards your agency and they will be willing to hire through your agency and it will increase your business a lot more than your expectations so spend more.