Questions To Ask Before Gum Depigmentation Treatment

Questions To Ask Before Gum Depigmentation Treatment

Generally, people have darker pigment in the gums due to genetic problems. When excess melanin production takes place in the gums, they begin to look black or brown rather than pink. Most people who live in Africa or Middle East experience this gums condition. However, gums pigmentation is not severe for health as it just makes your gums darker that affects your appearance. People with gums pigment consider treatment for improving their personality. There are more reasons for gum pigments like side effects of a certain medicine, smoking, and amalgam filling. With proper treatment, you can get rid of darker gums, which is known as gum bleaching or gum depigmentation.

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What is the healing process?

A patient who seeks gum depigmentation may have complications after the treatment. Most patients with sensitive gums feel discomfort and weird after depigmentation for few days. However, they can speak normally right after the completion of this treatment. Within two or three weeks, you get your desired results.

How much time does it take for a treatment?

Gums depigmentation treatment is not a complicated process. Normally, it takes 25 to 45 minutes, but it depends on the size and color of darker gums. But after this treatment, you have a beautiful and appealing smile that can create a great impression on others.

Can I smoke?

If you are a chain smoker, quit smoking right now. If you want to achieve expected results, it is advisable not to smoke at least seven to ten days after the treatment. Another thing, smoking also cause darker gums, so dentist does not encourage smoking, especially for darker gums.

What happens if I still have a few pigments after the procedure?

Sometimes it happens you still have few pigments on the gums after the treatment. There is nothing to worry about as you can get rid of darker gums after two or three procedures. But must follow the precautions that can cause gum pigments again.

What are the benefits of gums depigmentation procedures?

Before going through the gums depigmentation in Dubai, you should be aware of the potential benefits of this treatment. Here are some benefits of this procedure.

  • You get higher quality results
  • This procedure takes thirty to sixty minutes to remove pigments
  • Higher rate of success
  • Improve your teeth appearance and smile