Types of containers

Types of containers

Containers come in various ranges. Containers are of different size, shape and every container have different durability and every container can different amount of goods. Every container has a different purpose. As you know, that 90% of the cargo is transported through ship. There are many tank manufacturers in UAE which manufactures different types of storage tanks.

As mentioned above, every container has a different purpose and there are many types of containers so in this article we are going to give some details about every type of container. You need to know about every type of container as it would become easier for you buy the container according to your requirement.

Containers are bought for different purpose. It could be used for the purpose of shifting. So let’s discuss the types.

  • Subway containers: it is a type of container, which has two doors on the side of the container. This type of container could help in fast loading and unloading of the materials.
  • General purpose containers: These type of containers are also known as dry containers. As you can understand by the term dry containers, that it usually contains dry items. This container have rigid walls, floor and roof and the most interesting thing about this type of container is that it is weather proof so you can even transport your goods in bad weather condition without the fear of getting them damage. They are the most common type of container and it’s used for the purpose of normal cargo. These containers are of different size like 10ft, 20ft and 40ft.
  • Open top containers: it is type of container which is roofless. Its purpose is to load the items that are very heavy and needs to get in the container through the crane. They come almost every size so it would be a best choice if you want to transport items like machinery, heavy bulk etc.
  • Tank transportation: This contains the materials which are liquid and the tanks must not be filled more than 95%. These tanks are made up of steel and the materials used in the manufacturing of tanks are anti-corrosion in nature to protect the items in the tanks.

There are many diesel storage tank suppliers in UAE so if you want to get the diesel storage tank manufactured, you can contact them. These manufacturing companies also gives discount offers from time to time so keep checking on them if you have any plan of buying the tanks before the time runs out.