Things to know about the customs clearance process

Things to know about the customs clearance process

International shipping is not an easy task, especially when it comes to the customs clearance process. The entire process is quite challenging and complicated for many businesses. A little mistake can delay the process and increase the overall shipping expenses. Therefore, having the right information and knowledge is crucial for the success of the customs clearance process. In this article, we have compiled a list of essential things that you should know about custom clearance before importing or exporting your goods.

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Know the rules and regulations:

Over time the custom clearance rules and regulations keep changing, and all are different from each other. Therefore, before booking your shipment, make sure to know about the custom clearance rules and regulations of destine country. The custom clearance charges are based on the types of products you are importing or exporting. Moreover, consider hiring a shipping company that has an import license as it is compulsory for the clearance process.

Pay duties and taxes on time:

If you want to get things done successfully in another country, it is essential to pay your customs duties and taxes before shipping your goods. If you do no pay the taxes on time, your shipment will be sent to a custom brokerage company, and as result, you have to bear additional expenses.

Consider loaded shipping container:

Improper loading of containers can delay your shipment. Custom clearance representatives inspect your shipment carefully. So if there is improper packing or loading of goods, it not only increases your expenses but also delays your shipment. Therefore, before loading, make sure that you have packed and loaded everything properly.

Get ready for paperwork:

A successful Custom clearance depends on proper paperwork. You have to prepare the required document with correct and comprehensive information to make your import/export process successful.

Get a certificate of origin:

This document is provided by the exporter who ensures that your product meets all requirements and international standards.

Custom duty payment documents:

These are essential documents that show you have paid all custom duties and taxes before the shipment arrives.

Bill of lading:

In this document, there is mentioned packing list of all goods. This is one of the most important documents of the entire process.

Commercial invoice:

This document shows the quantity and value of your goods. This document comes in sale format.

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